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Hi, my name is Joy Langley

  • Understand the impact of runaway emotions and thoughts?
  • How can the way we THINK  be the source of  stress, anxiety and depression?
  • What steps can you take to start feeling better? 

Signs Of Stress, Anxiety or Depression To Look Out For?

Family or friends might have already spotted your tell-tale signs:

  • Irritability
  • forgetfulness
  • changes in appetite (eating too much or too little)
  • aggression
  • Loss of interest in hobbies & activities
  • Addictions (alcohol, non-prescribed drugs)

  • moodiness
  • changes in sleep pattern (sleeping too much or too little)
  • isolating yourself
  • worrying about too many things
  • thoughts of self-harm or suicidal thoughts
  • over-working + many more

What Can CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) Achieve?

Have you ever found yourself behaving in a way that surprises you?
  Or in a way that feels repetitive and it's difficult to stop yourself?

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a practical based talking therapy. 

It recognises that there is a connection between our thoughts, what we feel (emotions) and our behaviours. 

It recognises that negative thinking has a powerful effect on our feelings, emotions, moods and bodily changes (physiology). 

Even when we are not fully conscious of having negative thoughts (perhaps just imagining 'what if') ...they trigger uncomfortable stress & anxiety bodily changes. 

You might not want to belief this - but It's not always the situation that's the problem. It can often be our unique perspective on life. 

The way we interpret things and  what we make them mean, comes from the beliefs, assumptions and rules we make up as we go through life.


Negative thinking happens quickly, and when repeated creates harmful thinking patterns. Therapy helps you to:

 1. Reduce these by noticing YOUR harmful thinking patterns, and underlying core beliefs faster.

2.  Replace harmful thoughts  with a more positive alternatives - quickly  gain a different perspective on an event.

3.  Find new emotions and behaviours that create less stress overwhelm, anxiety,  and distress - AND more clarity, calm focus, confidence and resilience. 

Let Me Show You  How To Get Back to Your 'Happy Place' 

You Really Don't Have To Suffer In Silence Or Be On Your Own ...Without A Clear Plan

 "You are a good listener and know how to turn the negatives into positives. I always left the sessions feeling positive. I have never done this sort of thing before, and you made me think outside of the box. I was a worrier who never thought she was "good enough". But I now feel I am.  

Female Client 40yrs young
(8 sessions) 

I gained from my time with you, not only the skills to deal with the depression at the time, but also given the techniques and tools on how to cope with any future problems that I may face. Something that I use and am grateful for every day. (Thanks for everything Joy).

Male Client 18yrs young
(6 sessions) 

  I was taught that your mind compartmentalises things from the past and you bring out all your old fears. This then escalates to a full blow panic attack. I have now learnt calming techniques to stop this happening at the first sign of feeling light headed. 

Female Client 35yrs young
(12 sessions) 

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About  me .... joy 

My early career was sad depressing and  messy.

I graduated with a degree in Chemistry & Business, attempted several times to get a graduate trainee job - but ended up a big failure. I'd let myself down, and failed to live up to my family's high expectations.

Depression set in pretty quickly because I took on secretarial work and  hated every second of it! I was stressed, anxious and miserable. I knew something had to change ...but didn't know how to fix things.

I loved Friday evenings (TGIF Thank God its Friday!) and dreaded Sunday afternoons. Nervously worrying, on edge, stomach churning. The dark  thoughts about returning to a job on Monday were slowly killing me.

I eventually stumbled across motivational self help books and the world of personal development opened up. They left me wanting to share my new found magical 'optimism' and strategies with everyone.

The world of counsellor training, life coaching and CBT therapy matched my new life mission and  'purpose' perfectly. A new found motivation to teach,  guide and transform lives.

My work doesn't feel like a job - it's an extension of who I am. How could you not be fulfilled when every day you get to shine a  light into dark places -  Re-build fragile self-confidence and self-esteem plus strengthen resilience.

...How I Work

I  work face 2 face  ... online via ZOOM.
I also provide  telephone and email support (where agreed).
I also supplement sessions with emails and text messages (when needed), to motivate and keep you on track. This is especially useful if sessions are not held weekly.  
I  share my professional knowledge and skills to help you stop feeling ‘stuck’.
Start feeling energised, and excited about life again. Get back to feeling ‘OK’ about yourself, and your future.

...Who I Work With

I have extensive experience of working with business owners and adults in demanding professional roles.
Men particularly enjoy the practical Creative Counselling strategies, Life Coaching and CBT techniques.
 You’ll be surprised at the relief you experience having someone support the shifts in your thinking and  mindset.
I freely share educational information to kick-start the recovery process.  
Prevention is better than enforced time-out and time-off.

...Where I Work

Location is not a problem. Working online via zoom is convenient, avoiding traffic, parking and stress. It means I can work with you wherever you are based.
I generally serve the Buckinghamshire, UK catchment area. This covers:
High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Marlow, Bourne End Flackwell Heath, Saunderton and Princes Risborough.
PLUS the Berkshire, UK Catchment area:
Maidenhead and Slough.

There is plenty of FREE on-road parking outside my premises, plus the Arriva Bus route (No.32) runs past my house.  

Find Out How To Reduce  Your Stress, Anxiety & Depression