Emotional Management Coach
& CBT Therapist

"RE-SET YOUR EMOTIONAL BUTTON - Stop DESTRUCTIVE behaviours, emotions & negative thinking patterns from damaging your CRITICAL RELATIONSHIPS @ Work and @ Home"


SIGNS OF : Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Finding it hard to relax, 'get happy' ...and be positive?

...You have done a great job hiding the way you are feeling. But family, friends and colleagues have spotted the tell-tale signs - you are irritable, moody and more forgetful.

Your sleeping habits have changed (too much OR too little). Your appetite has changed ... you no longer enjoy food or you are over-eating. The odd “under the duvet” morning is happening too often, when the sense of dread & fear become unbearable.

These are a few of the EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL signs of stress, anxiety & depression. Is it really worth hiding what's happening when your emotional, physical & spiritual well-being are at stake?

“If you’ve ever had a dodgy laptop or mobile phone, your MIND might be feeling like this, but you don't know how to fix it. Best to find the courage and take the next step. There's no need to lose your health, relationships, credibilityOR professional reputation.


Prevention is better than 'enforced' time out.
I have extensive experience of working with Adults & Young People integrating Creative Counselling, Life Coaching and CBT techniques into our conversations.

How I Work

I work face-to-face...
but also provide SKYPE, telephone and email support (where agreed).
I also supplement sessions with emails and text messages where needed, to motivate and keep you on track; this is especially useful if sessions are not weekly.
Why not call today? Perhaps it's time to stop feeling stressed, anxious & depressed. Keeping things to yourself is not really a great life strategy, especially when I can give you the skills and knowledge to help you move on. So start feeling energised, excited about life, & 'OK' about yourself now!

What Clients Say About "The Thought Catcher"...

Types of Coaching

You have the internal resources to solve your problems, because human beings are designed for growth – mentally, spiritually and physically.

Person-centred counselling is a special way of being with you, where I support you emotionally to get through and beyond a distressing life event …to experience some calm & resolution.

As the number of weekly sessions develop you feel more confident about revealing difficult information about your life history, your family, and the current life event. This professional relationship helps you to reset your emotional compass because you gain clarity, direction and ideas on how to solve the problem.

It is the kind of ‘special’ listening that does happen naturally between people, and I am sure you have met someone who has helped you to feel ‘heard’, and who has ‘validated’ that it is OK to feel the way you do. Their concern and interest is genuine, and you sense this via their voice, body language, and via an internal instinct. A good counsellor will provide a space where to provide a space where growth can occur (mentally & spiritually), and problems can be resolved.

This is a positive way of helping you to problem solve. It centres around stating your goal and then talking through the various options and solutions that will help you to achieve it. It’s often stated that unless you ‘know’ where you are heading in life, how will you ‘know’ when you’ve got there? The coaching conversation breaks down all the stages you need to put in place, so that you can make things happen.

I believe in your ability to solve your problems, and that you are the “best” authority about all things ‘you’! By using questioning techniques that dig deeper into issues, you can solve professional and personal issues e.g. excelling in the workplace, achieving greater happiness and contentment in personal relationships, and gain a deeper understanding about your ambitions and dreams.

This is a way of talking to you that helps you to spot the patterns and the flaws in the way you “think.” A lot happens in life, (good stuff and bad), and generally you are able to cope. However we all have negative automatic thoughts that can alter our emotions and cause us to behave in peculiar ways.

We interpret everything that happens to us, because humans need to make sense of events. But when the positive thoughts & interpretations start to fall and the negative ones rise, then you experience higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Minimum of 4 sessions normally required.

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